About The Festival

Luis Bunuel Memorial Awards (LBMA) is a monthly screening film festival, which takes place in the cultural capital of India. 

PIGEON D’OR AWARDS organized by Luis Bunuel Memorial Awards (LBMA) is dedicated to showcasing innovative and exciting works by risk-taking filmmakers from around the world, who put their heart and soul to tell a story.

The best of the best from all monthly winners will get a chance to receive the prestigious Pigeon D’OR Awards.

Official Selections

Submitter Reviews

Shihyun Wang

Our film “Stars in our dreams” received “Outstanding Achievement Award” as Best Short. We are so happy to be part of the festival. We got our laurel and certificate quickly to brag about. Communication is always prompt and friendly. It is a great festival to submit to.

Adèle Hurier

Wonderful festival! Not to be missed!

José Ramón

An honor for me to have been awarded in this festival. Thank you very much and go ahead.

Aram Voves

Nice festival, I will definitely participate again!

Anna Averianova

Nice to be with you! Thank you for understanding/

Saif X

Great experience!! I’m so honored to be the monthly winner and receive Luis Brunel Memorial Award for my music video.
Very appreciated !!

Ioannis Giannelis

Excellent communication. Thank you for the honor! Will be happy to participate again.

Manoj Bhange

best platform for filmmakers… thanks whole team of Luis Bunuel Memoriel Awards

Bárbara Reibel

We are very happy to have participated in this festival and so honored to win Best Student Film on this amazing competition!
We are happy to represent Brazil in great international festivals!

Charles Kline

It’s truly an honor and a privilege to have been awarded in the animation category for the month of April in a festival that honors the legacy of this important filmmaker and surrealist. The festival staff were very courteous and communicative, and I absolutely made the right decision when I decided to submit on a whim. I’m very grateful to the LIAFF team and recommend that any filmmaker with a bold or unconventional cinematic vision should submit their work to the LBMA for consideration!

Lisa Doolittle

Great opportunity for my first documentary film. Thanks for including Becoming Unlimited – we are honoured to receive an award!

Hebert Poll Gutierrez

Thank you to the festival for selecting my work as the winner in performing Arts. Thank you for being an important space to give voice to the voiceless. Most of all thank you for creating cultural bridges not walls. The world needs it.

James Thornton

Thank you so much for giving The Shift an Award, the message is so clear and needs to keep ringing in peoples ears. Jim

Dawna Lee Heising

This is an excellent film festival, with great communication and regard for filmmakers! We were honored and thankful to have our projects receive awards and we will definitely be entering this festival again! I am especially thankful to have won Best Actress for “Dark Classics: Monologue by Lady Macbeth” and this is one of my favorite Awards and Festivals!!!

Judit Hollos

I’m honored and grateful that my short screenplay received an Outstanding Achievement Award at this festival.

David-Matthew Barnes

Excellent communication! This is a terrific film festival for screenwriters.

Hariharan Raju

Very polite and very supporting till the end of the festival and happy to be on the winning side of the festival with our short “Atman”

Kevin Schewe

It was such an amazing honor for “Bad Love Tigers” Screenplay to win the Outstanding Achievement Award for Feature Script! The communication, hospitality and networking with the team at LBMA was excellent!! Keep up the great work to foster new imagination and creativity!!!

Johnny Catalano

This was a great festival. Great communication. They respect real artists in filmmaking.

Watanabe Atsuhiko

Thank you very much for having given “Outstanding Achievement Award” to my animated short film “THANATOS”.

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