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When a movie fails to produce more money at the box office than what had been spent on its production, it incurs heavy losses. Even if the movie succeeds in procuring a good amount of money, there are other factors that can repeal the audience if they underperform expectations or aren’t successful enough to launch a new movie franchise. In this fast paced globalization era, it is more difficult to judge whether a film is “flop” or not. This is primarily because the parameters which define whether the film is a success or failure now mostly depend on the world market. It so might happen that a film will earn a lot in foreign countries whereas at home it will earn way less than what was spent on producing it. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the top five Hollywood films which could not make it big in spite of spending thousands of dollars in the making.

Gods of Egypt (2016): The amount spent on making this movie was a total of $140 million. Even after casting Chadwick Boseman as a co-star, the film suffered unspeakable losses at the box office. The film performed poorly in terms of CG work and had terrible action sequences which lacked charisma.

In the heart of the sea (2015): Released by Warner Brothers, In the heart of the sea is WB’s second worst hit film after Pan (2003). Even after spending a lump sum $100 million on the project and incorporating beautiful CG work, the film suffered a total loss of approximately $10.3 million.

Robin Hood (2018): Starring Jamie Foxx and Taron Egerton, Robin Hood entered the market with high hopes. Despite a big budget and a charismatic cast the film failed to gather popularity across the globe and eventually, met with a big blunder. The film suffered an approximate loss of $13.8 million.

Mortal Engines (2018): Even though a creative team consisting of famous personalities like Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens worked together on the screenplay of the film, it suffered unfortunate losses across the globe. Perhaps the budget was too ambitious or the lousy timing did not generate enough interest among the audiences. The film managed to procure only $85.3 million after spending a $100 million on production.

Catwoman (2004): This Halle Berry starred action/fantasy had true potential in breaking all the barriers of the box office. Even Berry’s performance in the film was outstanding. However certain aspects did not let the movie procure the desired capital that it was expecting. One of the many ideas behind the film not being a success is probably that Berry did not have a large enough fan base that would carry the movie. Some even believe that the sole reason behind the film failing miserably was due to the casting of Sharon Stone. Although the critics have to say that the screen writing for the film was below average and the script was badly written. Catwoman suffered a nasty shortfall of $17.9 million.




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